2020 Refresh Initiative


Our regional and detail-oriented approach is a constant call to action for your business or organization to participate in welcoming all by land and sea; when restrictions are lifted our message will reflect our community with authentic and informative communication. This initiative is designed for members to join in at any point, with unique surveys rolling out to help define our next play. All surveys will be available for those who chose to participate in any phase of this initiative.

Refresh Initiative: A Three-Part Approach

1. Up to date Resources during COVID19 crisis to keep members informed of relief, restrictions, and chamber programming.

Welcome Campaign playbook that will feature a series of opportunities for members to receive amplified outreach through digital marketing, earned, and social media. The campaign will be analyzed weekly to help stay current and responsive to consumer sentiment with new play tactics available to members to participate in ongoing marketing. We have invited our EMS members and Downtown Driven Municipalities to have input in the campaign to raise awareness of their messaging.

Digital Weekly Play By Plays

Week One: Get Prepped Survey & Playbook
Week Two: Making a Clean Restart Survey & Playbook
Week Three: Reopening Safely
Week Four: Website Launch and Welcome Messaging
Week Five: Reopening With Fanfare

Downloadable 2020 REFRESH Initiative Playbook & ToolKit
As the weekly play by play is released this toolkit will be updated as a resource for you to use as you REFRESH!

3. COMING THIS SPRING: Launch of a new version of our destination website that will house interactive tools and local insight.

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Download the 2020 Digital Land & Sea Explore Guide Here

Ongoing Membership Support

As a membership-based organization, Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce has a responsibility to our businesses, non-profit, and industry partners who rely on our ability to answer the call to action whether for businesses or consumers. We are continuing to provide leadership through the crisis by generating resources,  promoting businesses that are open and welcoming all with activities that are available within our community. We have been speaking with members from across every industry in our region, including elected and appointed representatives throughout the state to find the key factors and common issues to move everyone forward.


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