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Federal ADA WEBSITE COMPLIANCE – Granting all users equal access to your content is not only the right thing to do but it is the law. Making your site ADA compliant means everyone has equal access to your site. Recent rulings are in place, so please check to see if your site is accessible by following the best practices below:

1. Presentation: Your website layout cannot be too complex for disabled visitors. Site should allow visitors to adjust the size or color of your site text. Granting users a resizable ability of up to 200% from the original size is in line with the official requirements.

2. Increase Text Size : Next consider increasing your text size. If you use bigger fonts for your titles, headings and menus, you’ll be helping visually impaired users to be able to read your site, as well as background doesn’t clash and obscure text

3. Assistive Technology: Use software packages that can convert text to speech, closed captioning, screen-reading software and text magnifiers.

4. Caption and Transcripts for Audio and Video Content: One of the best ways to ensure audio and video content is compliant with the ADA is to caption it. Add text, descriptions and captions to every piece of content on your site.

5. Web Accessibility Tools : One way to help disabled users utilize the site is to use a web accessibility program. In many cases it can be difficult to tell if your site is fully compliant but using an ONLINE accessibility tool

6. Prioritize HTML formats :When building your site, prioritize HTML as this format is very compatible with text-to-speech applications. Other formats like PDFs cannot be read or recognized by such programs. Video and audio content needs to be accompanied with descriptions and captions. to ensure that those with impairments can fully engage with your site. All of your content on the site must be accessible to people with auditory, physical or visual impairments. Every feature and service offered by your site needs to be accessible to any visitor. Once you’ve implemented these changes you’ll then need to test your website with a web development company specializing in ADA compliance issues.

How to Find an ADA Agency? The best way to make sure your site is compliant with the ADA is to work with an agency. Contacting our Southern Ocean Chamber web specialist members are the best way to start your search, please review our Technology Section of our directory.

If you’re in any doubt about the ADA guidelines check the official ADA website. ADA section 508 standards for web design will be incredibly useful for an overview of current standards.
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