Thrive in 105

In 2019 we commemorated our 105th Anniversary year and under the banner of Thrive in 105 we established our charitable arm the Southern Ocean Chamber Association. It was created to benefit the local non profits who serve our neighbors as well as to advance business resources in our region.

Since 1914, our organization has been a constant service to local business, their customers and all who invest here. Our members continue to raise the bar on what the vision for our community can be. As we take our place in the 21st century, we remain one the largest chambers of commerce in the state and active in positively promoting doing business in our area. As an accredited Destination Marketing Organization we also serve as the voice of business on every platform to inform visitors and potential new residents to engage with our members.

On this page you can pick your passion by learning more about what our local non profits do for the community, including our 501c3 SOCA.
Thank you for learning more about these community assets.

Lori Pepenella, CEO

Thrive in Your Community

Our community is based on giving, our members represent the fabric of what we are. We encourage you as a resident, visitor or business to get involved to help advance the outstanding missions these groups represent.

If you are looking to donate time, energy or funds and want to meet more like minded neighbors, please choose an area of interest and reach out to them directly. We are highlighting our region’s Volunteer First Responders and would like you to consider volunteering or donating to one of these fine companies or squads





Serving as your professional chamber for 105 years, we have set the standard in networking and business development events.  We always present a packed calendar of programming. Many of our meetings are free with RSVP, stop by and get to know our staff, Board of Directors, Partners and Members that comprise every facet of business in Southern Ocean County.

Check out our upcoming event calendar of business events honoring the businesses who have made the chamber part of their community!


Southern Ocean Chamber of Commerce launches a new Association that will raise funds to advance small business programs and non profit services

Part of the Vision 2020 strategic plan, the Southern Ocean Chamber of Commerce dedicated efforts to develop a new 501c3 organization that will to raise funds for local business programming and non profit sustainability.

The Southern Ocean Chamber Association was founded to support the growing business programs that have been created to stimulate economic development through the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce. In 2017, the chamber launched its three year strategic plan to have programs and processes in place to help local business and nonprofits overcome the  challenges of operating a successful organization in the 21st century. As the chamber dedicated its 105th anniversary to helping members thrive, it can announce that this new association will grow to assist with raising funds and awareness.

The Southern Ocean Chamber Association’s vision is to provide education to advance small business and nonprofit advancement throughout Southern Ocean County. Its purpose is to raise funds as well as demonstrating positive donor recognition for the following two objectives. The first is presentation programming, raising funds and sponsors that will create opportunities for high impact speakers, seminars or workshops to appear within the region for the benefit of sustaining small businesses, entrepreneurs and non profit sustainability. The other is furthering the Thrive in 105 mission for nonprofit support, by utilizing the dynamic business network within Southern Ocean County to secure donations that can be directed towards nonprofit organizations whose missions serve the causes of Youth, Culture, Community, Wellness and First Responders of the region.

Learn more as we build this new resource for the community!


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