Summer Beautiful Campaign Asks All To Be Part Of the Community By Helping to Take Care of It

The region’s chamber and The Sandpaper are working to engage visitors, residents and businesses to pitching in to keeping LBI Beautiful this summer with anti litter campaign launch the first week of July

The Covid19 pandemic had driven many to shore points before the season officially started. Now that Summer is here,  the Long Beach Island Region has been witnessing even heavier volumes of beach goers and sun seekers including many who have not visited the area previously. While families from the tri state area have cancelled trips that were further away, Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce has seen a dramatic increase in handing inquiries from last minute plans to rescheduled holiday recommendations. With extra requirements including Personal Protective Equipment, to go services and longer stays at vacation homes; there has been a call to action to remind everyone to do their part to help businesses and environmental organizations keep curb site trash cans covered, disposal of trash in proper containers and of course pack up and take away what was brought into public areas.

We are proud to join with The Sandpaper in helping to reach thousands through print and digital messaging, inviting everyone to be part of the solution, The first week of July launches Keep Summer Beautiful LBI Campaign in Sandpaper media and Southern Ocean Chamber messaging. This campaign was initiated by members who wanted to alert the community and visitors that we all have the responsibility of keeping the island and surrounding waters clean. The campaign will feature print Public Service Announcements, as well as social media, broadcast and digital reminders. As the campaign rolls out, there will be options for parents, businesses and patrons to learn and do more to make Summer Beautiful for everyone.