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Southern Ocean Chamber Holiday Hallmarks are meant to provide resources to businesses throughout the LBI region during the holiday season. The series will offer tips and tricks on how to standout as well as innovative marketing strategies, and will remind residents and visitors the importance of supporting local businesses.
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In 2019 we are more aware than ever of our environmental impact. During the holiday season, shopping local can actually greatly help to reduce your carbon footprint! See below for a few reasons why utilizing local shops and retailers for your purchases can make a major difference!


Local businesses tend to receive business from their local customer base, rather than drawing people from longer distances. Many are located in areas where people can walk, bike or take public transportation rather than drive. This means less air and noise pollution for residents, as well as the opportunity to lead a healthier lifestyle! Additionally, local businesses make more local purchases and therefore, less transportation is required. By buying local, you’re contributing to less to pollution and traffic congestion. 


By purchasing from local stores, you aren’t relying on your products being shipped. It may be nice to have a 2-day delivery, but think about all of the plane and auto pollution involved with shipping every item you purchase!

Local Workforce

Another environmental benefit of shopping locally is supporting the local workforce! For example, if you buy local honey products, you’re helping to keep local beekeepers, creators and makers in their jobs. Without that consumer demand, these local businesses would not exist and many of these employees would have to seek work elsewhere, outside of the community. In turn, this would add to highway congestion and fuel consumption, enlarging the overall carbon footprint.

Property Use

Warehouses for major online retailers may be efficient in decreasing corporate costs, but they consume inordinate amounts of land for both buildings and parking lots (often 15 acres or more). The environmental damage created by such large expanses of asphalt and the increased driving to reach them is large. When you also factor in heating and air costs, increased water run-off, resource depletion and habitat loss – each property has a huge impact on its surroundings. In comparison, most local retailers use land and space far more productively, often taking over existing structures.

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Thanks for reading! We hope you will look to the LBI region for your shopping needs this season and reduce your carbon footprint. Our State of the Chamber meeting will be on January 15 at 8 a.m. at The Mainland Holiday Inn in Manahawkin. Managers from NJ Department Of Transportation will discuss details on the final phases of the Causeway Bridge Project in Long Beach Island. Representatives from our Downtown Driven Municipalities will also be presenting on what is happening in the boroughs of Ship Bottom, Beach Haven, Stafford, Barnegat, Little Egg Harbor and Tuckerton. Learn about new chamber programs as well as our strategic planning schedule to direct our business community through the next decade. To attend, please RSVP to