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Southern Ocean Chamber Close-up is a brief introspective on why our members do what they do. Professional stories, mission moments and customers who made the difference; this is their time to share why their business or non-profit makes an impact in the LBI Region. If you are a a partner member and want to share your story, contact [email protected] to be featured.

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Renaissance Property Management located in Ship Bottom, LBI offers roof-to-foundation property inspection services, home watch and all-inclusive property management. Renaissance will help you manage your home’s integrity and ensure it retains its value while you are away. Owner Ryan Murray was inspired to open the business after he saw a great need in the community, “I was working for a contractor post-Sandy and came across multiple customers looking for a one-stop shop to meet their needs. These customers tended to be overwhelmed and frustrated and so naturally, I wanted to help. I realized this was a service people need from season to season, year in and year out; Figured this can be a great business!” he shared.

Initially the company started out as a handyman/home watch company and has since grown to offer a variety of services to private homeowners, condominium associations and commercial properties throughout the Island. Renaissance now offers many preventative services in both maintenance and detection. This includes air conditioning maintenance, interior and exterior caulking, hot water and heater flushing, mold and mildew prevention, storm shutter maintenance and much more.Customers come to us with their problems and needs and it feels great to provide a solution at a reasonable price,” Murray added.

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