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Southern Ocean Chamber Close-up is a brief introspective on why our members do what they do. Professional stories, mission moments and customers who made the difference; this is their time to share why their business or non-profit makes an impact in the LBI Region. If you are a new member (within the last year) and want to share your story, contact [email protected] to be featured.

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The Giglio Awning Company is a family owned business that offers customers a variety of customized shading and storm protection products. Starting out in 1976, their showroom is located in Harvey Cedars, NJ where operations are overseen by President Dave Voris. Giglio Awning Company specializes in sales, installation, and service of retractable awnings, window awnings, stationary awnings for both residential and commercial applications, and hurricane shutters. They also carry several lines of indoor/outdoor deck and patio furniture.

Jonathan Giglio, who is employed as an administrator, shared about his journey with the company adding, “You might go off and do your own thing but a family business is always either looming over your shoulder or awaiting you with open arms. I’m inspired by the amazing community of businesses around us that continually set-the-bar higher with each passing season. Those businesses and the people attached to them inspire me to do what I do, better.”

Giglio Awning prides themselves on their customer service, company training and quality service. Part of what helps them to be so successful is their close-knit relationship with their team of employees. Jonathan shared, “We are a fun loving group and we enjoy each others company. Whether we are engulfed in shoveling out in the dead of winter, enjoying Champagne Saturdays on the front deck or actually working, we get through it together.”

Another advantage for the company has been the support of their community. “Our experience with competition has been mostly non-existent. My sense is that when you’re in a niche industry like us, in a small(ish) community, and have been around for 42 years – it doesn’t leave a tremendous amount of room for others,” said Jonathan.

Giglio Awning will soon be kicking off their Fall Service Campaign. “Fun fact: the Giglio Awning Company cleans and/or removes the products on about 600 clients homes or business a year; AND many of those clients have more than 1 product. In fact, someone on the island has 32 of our products on their single family home. That’s a lot of soap!” Jonathan whimsically continued. The business is open seven days a week in order to better serve our customers and provide reliable sales and service. Stop by and visit our Showroom!