In Member Spotlight

Harley is a six year old Chihuahua and is The Island Guest House’s pet ambassador. The Island Guest House is not only pet friendly, they are pet loving!  “We like to say that dogs are people too,” owners Mark & Joanne Spulock shared. Pets are welcomed with a gift tray that includes a bed cover sheet, dog bowls, a ball, treat and clear information about what to do and where they can take their dog around town, including the dog beach, dog friendly restaurants and dog parks. “Less stress for guests makes for a better experience, and being able to bring your pet rather than putting him in a kennel is less stressful for the pet,” they couple added.

Other ways The Island Guest House helps to create a happy human/pet experience is by making relaxing pet care available.  “Just like small children, pets should never be left unattended in a strange place. If they cannot be taken to dinner, for example, they can either have a play-date with other dogs if they enjoy the socialization, or just spend time with the pet sitter with calming dog music and a walk, or whatever their owner would like to have done,” they said.

There is a small pet fee for dogs on a reservation, but money not used for extra room cleaning is put aside and used to pay for adoption fees for someone who would like to adopt a pet. “If you know anyone who would like to provide a forever home to a rescue dog or cat, we would love to pay the adoption fees!” Mark & Joanne said excitedly.

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