Outdoor Dining Permissions Extended

Bill (S-2364) sponsored by Senator Sarlo to extend expanded permissions for restaurants, bars, distilleries, and breweries to use fixtures and equipment enabling them to serve patrons outdoors in private areas, on sidewalks, and in other municipally-designated outdoor areas was signed today by Governor Phil Murphy. These permissions were set to expire this November and now has been extended until November 30 2024.

“Outdoor space” means a patio or deck, whether covered or uncovered, a yard, a walkway, or a parking lot, or a portion of any such space, that is located on or adjacent to the business premises, which space is owned, leased, [or] otherwise in the lawful control of the owner or operator of the business premises, or any space which is designated by a municipality or county for outdoor dining pursuant to P.L.2021, c.15 This Bill passed both houses 40-0

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Businesses should inquire with their municipality, for those interested the bill is listed here