October 5 “Bridge the Gap: Multi-generational Workplace Success” webinar

Join us as we partner with New Jersey Tourism Association (NJTIA) hosting a breakout webinar focused on managing the workforce generation gap. This event is no cost, and will be available online on Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 10am.

Bridge the Gap: Multi-generational Workplace Success addresses workforce shifts that include Baby Boomers to Gen Z and how to  manage the generational gap. This webinar will cover the best ways to get your team on the same wavelength and connect your employees based on the generations they belong to. Learn how to reduce conflict, establish mentor and mentee relationships, and most importantly, how to respect what is important to each generation. Participants will also be provided ways to address ageism in the workplace, how to reduce ageist bias in team building activities, and tips on how to recruit staff to bridge the gap between generations. The webinar will be presented by Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt, president of the award-winning, New Jersey-based agency Suasion Communications Group, long time chamber member and who also serves on the New Jersey Tourism Industry Association (NJTIA) Board of Directors.