NJ Sensitive Places Law impact on Businesses

Attorney General Identifies Gun Free Zones, what owners and staff need to know

The Southern Ocean Chamber advises the community that New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin has clarified the new gun safety legislation that strengthens restrictions for who is eligible for a public carry permit as well as establishing a list of places where people with carry permits cannot bring firearms.  For local business owners and community leaders’ places where concealed carry is not permitted is now a topic of interest for volunteers and employees. These places include locations of public congregations such as entertainment venues, recreational facilities, parks, beaches, zoos, places that serve alcohol, airports, public transit hubs and public gatherings. It also includes locations with vulnerable populations like schools, childcare facilities, healthcare facilities, long term care, correctional facilities and homeless shelters. The legislation also covers locations with governmental activity such as polling places, courthouses, law enforcement offices and government buildings. 

Members of the public need a permit to carry a gun and have to follow safe carry rules. The Attorney General reminds owners of public establishments that they can display signs prohibiting guns on and around their property.  Since there is specific concern regarding bars and restaurants; the NJ  Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control distributed an advisory notice.   Currently, the New Jersey law prohibits the carrying or possession of firearms where alcohol is served for on premise consumption, the commission encourages the business post signs stating that under the NJ law firearms are not permitted. To assist in this effort, the Office of the Attorney General has created Gun Free Zone stickers that may be used to effectuate the notice.  Tp register your place of business as a gun free zone, and receive official sticker, please visit state website here. These stickers and posters are available free of charge. 

These measures are from the legal actions regarding to the outcome of Koons v. Platkin which challenged certain provisions of New Jersey Bill A4769/S3214, that overhauled the state’s firearms and concealed carry laws following a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling.  The State of New Jersey Department of Law & Public Safety lists detailed information on their website.