LBI Region part of Tourism Recovery Panel at New Jersey League of Municipalities

We are excited to announce that Southern Ocean County Chamber will partner with the New Jersey Tourism Industry Association to present at the 106th Annual NJ State League of Municipalities Conference

With the pandemic still a concern for leadership across the state, this year’s NJ League of Municipalities will highlight the ability to adapt to extraordinary circumstances. Officials continue to face challenges as well as create new opportunities that will impact their towns for years to come. Discussing the importance of tourism to local economic development, cultivating consumer confidence and recognizing new practices to keep visitors coming back to the state will be the focus for the November 18 panel held at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Providing cross section of tourism expertise, the conference’s tourism panel will include New Jersey Tourism Industry Board Members speaking to how the one of the state’s largest industries professionally and consistently provided various recovery efforts and long term strategies relating to funding, destination marketing, and planning. It will highlight recent legislation, industry protocols and response related to tourism and economic development that will raise awareness to community leadership. The panel features:
• Joseph Simonetta, NJTIA Executive Director – updates of recent legislation and funding that has been passed for tourism as part of the pandemic recovery
• Adam Perle, NJTIA President and CEO & President of ArtPride NJ -Discusses challenges and successes of the reopening of Arts & events throughout the state
• Lori Pepenella, CDME NJTIA Vice President and CEO, Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce – To share Destination Marketing best practices, including strategies used in the Long Beach Island Region showcased in NJ League Magazine
• Dr Brian Tyrrell, NJTIA Board Member, Professor Hospitality & Tourism Stockton University -Education and certification for current and future economic leaders

The session is qualified for Continuing Education Units.