LBI Beach Information

Beach Rules and Information

Beach and Dune Regulations

Long Beach Island towns welcome you to use their beaches. Each town also charges a small user’s fee for upkeep, maintenance and protection and had certain rules beachgoers are asked to follow.

Beach Badges are required when lifeguards are on duty—from early June until a week or so after Labor Day. Badges are good for beaches within the municipality for which they were purchased.

Long Beach Island is build of sand, Keeping that sand in place, especially on the dune is of vital importance. Our best defense against erosion and flooding from the sea is the combination of gently sloping beaches and well-established sand dunes.

Practice social distancing required during COVID-19 by the governor.

DO use designated paths when going to and from the beach.
DO stay off the grassy area of the dunes.
DO remind others that the dune grass is vulnerable.
DO help to keep our beaches clean.
DO swim near a lifeguard.
DO NOT swim before 10 a.m. or after 5 p.m.
DO NOT dig holes on the beach deeper than the user’s knee.
DO NOT use vehicles of any sort on the dunes.
DO NOT tamper with any sort of dunes.
DO NOT dig into the dunes or camp on them.

Dogs are not allowed on the beach from April 1st – October 1st. Beach Haven does not allow dogs anytime.

Bay Beaches: Beach Badges are required on all LBI beaches. Call town for details.

Beach Badges For Long Beach Island

BARNEGAT LIGHT – 609-494-9196
10 E 7th Street
$30 – Pre-Season (6/5)
$40 – Seasonal
$12 – Senior 65+ (Must buy in person)
$22 – Weekly (Sat. to Fri.)
$5 – Daily

Badges are required on all Barnegat Light beaches (Ocean and Bay) for all persons age 12 and over. Surfing is permitted in areas outside of the lifeguard flags. There is a $1 surcharge for badges purchased on the beach.

BEACH HAVEN BOROUGH – 609-492-0111
300 Engleside Ave
$30 – Pre-Season (5/31)
$40 – Seasonal
$20 – Weekly (Sat. to Fri.)
$10 – Daily
Free – Children 12 & under,  Active military and their dependents, with proof
Adults 65+  may purchase a lifetime senior badge for $12 which may only be obtained at Borough Hall Beach Badge Office, with ID.

HARVEY CEDARS – 609-494-2843
Ticket booth at Sunset Park, West Salem Ave.
$35 – Pre-Season (6/15)
$45 – Seasonal
$9 – Senior 65+ (Must buy in person)
$20 – Weekly (Sat. to Fri.)
$7 – Daily

Senior 65+ badges must be purchase in person.

SHIP BOTTOM – 609-494-2171
1621 Long Beach Blvd.
$35 – Pre-Season (5/31)
$45 – Seasonal
$10 – Senior 65+ (with ID)
$25 – Weekly (Sat. to Fri.)
$10 – Daily (Children 12 & under are free)

SURF CITY- 609-494-3064
8th Street & Long Beach Blvd.
$45 – Seasonal
$20 – Weekly (Sat. to Fri.)
$10 – Daily
Free – Children 11 & under, Seniors 65+

Anyone who is 12 years of age through 64 years of age is required to wear a beach badge. Children 11 years of age and younger and seniors 65 years of age and older are not required to wear a beach badge.

LONG BEACH TOWNSHIP – 609-361-1000
68th & Long Beach Blvd., Brant Beach
$35 – Pre-Season (6/15)
$45 – Seasonal
$20 – Weekly (Sat. to Fri.)
$10 – Daily
$5 – Senior 65+
Free – Veteran with ID
Long Beach Twp. badges are required for High Bar Harbor, Loveladies, North Beach, Brant Beach, Beach Haven Crest, Brighton Beach, Peahala Park, Beach Haven Park, Haven Beach, The Dunes, Beach Haven Terrace, Beach Haven Gardens, Bay Vista, Spray Beach, North Beach Haven, BeachHaven Heights, Silver Sand, Beach Haven Inlet, and Holgate.

ACCESS RAMPS FOR THE HANDICAPPED are placed at certain beaches in the middle of June:
Barnegat Light – 9th and 29th Streets
Beach Haven – 5th, Pearl & Centre Street
Brant Beach – 68th Street
Harvey Cedars – 80th Street & East Mercer Ave.
Loveladies – Dolphin St, Beach Access between WIngs La & Loveladies La
Peahala Park – 92nd Street
Ship Bottom – 4th, 8th, 9th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 20th, 21st, & 25th Streets
Surf City – 12th Street at both Oceanside and Bayside

Surfing Beaches

Barnegat Light – Anywhere outside the flags
Harvey Cedars – Hudson Avenue
North Beach – Tract 65
Surf City – Anywhere outside the flags
Brant Beach 32nd, 43rd, 48th, 59th, 65th and 72nd Streets
Peahala Park – 93rd St
Beach Haven Park – 99th St
Haven Beach- 110th and 118th St
The Dunes- 122nd and 127th Streets
Spray Beach – 21st and 25th Streets
North Beach Haven – 14th St
Beach Haven – 9th to 111th St Fairview to Iroquois Avenues and Ocean to Norwood Ave
Holgate – Nelson Ave and between Susan and Rosemma

Everything you need to have fun on the sand!