COVID-19 Vaccination

In anticipation of the approval of a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine, the New Jersey Department of Health is working with many other state, federal, and local agencies to plan for the fast and equitable distribution of a vaccine to all New Jersey communities. It is the goal of the Department of Health to make safe and effective COVID-19 vaccination available to all who live, work, and/or are educated in New Jersey.

Once a COVID-19 vaccine is approved for use, it will likely be available in limited amounts. Until the vaccine can be
produced in large quantities it is expected that it will first be given to priority groups of people – considered critical
populations – who have been identified at high risk of COVID-19.

A phased approach will be used to ensure that the vaccine is distributed in a fair and equitable manner until larger
quantities of vaccine become available. Decisions about priority groups and how the doses will be spread across the
state will likely change based on supply and demand. The vaccine will be available to those who live, work and/or are educated in New Jersey. Click the PDF below for details.