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Chowderfest Contestant Closeup will take a look at 2018’s contestants, chef’s and recipes. Chowderfest will take place on September 29th & 30th, 2018.

The Maschals of Country Kettle Chowda have helped to shape the history of Chowderfest and of LBI. They have been selling their fudge on the island since 1961 under the name Country Kettle Fudge. In 1987, they first brought the idea of Chowderfest to the Southern Ocean Chamber of Commerce and entered their family recipe under The Mooring restaurant. They won first place for their new england clam chowder the first two years in a row. After entering their chowder under The Mooring again for the next two years, they decided to compete under their fudge shop namesake, Country Kettle Fudge. “Then people pleaded for our Chowda year round, not just one day a year. That’s when we opened the Chowda shop,” Melissa Maschal shared.

The Maschals have participated in every single Chowderfest since its inception, entering their manhattan or new england recipes. Boasting 16 grand prize wins, Country Kettle Chowda will be competing under the new england category, led by Chef John Maschal Sr. “We use local clams and every year we give it 200%! The whole family comes together from up and down the east coast. It’s a tradition for us, just like birthday or christmas celebrations,” Melissa added.

Recently, the Southern Ocean Chamber of Commerce featured them in a “Founded in Family” article. Read more about their history and evolution at: Visit them at their locations in Surf City and Beach Haven.