Coastal Resiliency and NJ

In a continuous effort towards a stronger New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy signed Executive Order No. 89 on October 29, 2019 establishing a Climate and Flood Resilience Program within DEP developing a Climate Change Resilience Strategy to promote the long-term mitigation, adaptation and resilience of New Jersey’s economy, communities, infrastructure and natural resources.

Alongside the release of New Jersey’s Energy Master Plan, the Murphy Administration has embarked on a targeted regulatory reform effort that will modernize environmental laws, Protecting Against Climate Threats (PACT). NJ PACT was created to usher in systemic change, modernizing air quality and environmental land use regulations, that will enable governments, businesses and residents to effectively respond to current climate threats and reduce future climate damages.

We receive many questions from homeowners and businesses about these polices and protections, the best resource is the online tools provided by the NJ PACT website – Protecting Against Climate Threats