Cheer on Local and Celebrate Small Business During National Tourism Week

Who is your favorite business? At the Southern Ocean Chamber of Commerce, we would love to share suggestions on how to support them as we gear up for a busy season!

During National Tourism Week, we recognize the importance small businesses have on our local economy. As the region’s chamber we are represent over 98% small businesses, which reflects the nationwide statistic of 99.9 percent. Our members provide so much to the community from employment, charitable support, unique flavors, products and expert services. We are proud to be the home to local experts since 1914, and want to celebrate and share the contributions each business makes on a daily basis. This year, employment is a challenge for every industry, especially those in hospitality. The Southern Ocean County Chamber assists members by posting to the Southern Ocean Job Opps board, please join job seekers by becoming a part of the group, so we can help fill these much-needed roles.

We still want to use this time for consumers and customers to reach out and to get to know the LBI Region business community.
Tag them on social media — Share your story on the services, products or special memory you have with local business. Post a new business each day or create a story based around one special company. This helps their brand and introduce new customers to what they offer.

Thank their Staff – With the many challenges COVID19 has brought to all industries, front line workers and the hospitality industry have been adapting on all levels. Take time this week to recognize staff that were always there and ready to assist.

Stop in to purchase or book services – If you were planning to stop in or go online; now is the chance to make a reservation or place an order. This week would be a great time to do it.

Support their charitable causes – Many businesses give back to school sports, and other organizations. Let them know you heard about their efforts and will help with their next fundraiser or campaign.

Recommend them- Nothing is better than a personal recommendation from a trusted friend, co worker or family member. If you rely on the services, products, or experiences from our region, please share it!

Spread the word about employment opportunities – Good help is hard to find and our small businesses cannot grow without them. If your favorite business is hiring, share the message and make a connection with a job seeker that you may know.

As always, we are your source for business information, consumer tips and promotions for personal assistance contact the chamber office 609 494 7211 or stop in at 265 W Ninth St Ship Bottom.