Digital Monthly eBox Subscription

Business Boost Box

The first of its kind! The Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce Business Boost Box is a digital monthly subscription eBox that showcases local businesses from the LBI Region. Each month you will receive different offers and services to take advantage of. Business Boost Box is an eco-friendly alternative to your traditional mailed subscription service because it is 100% digital, you can take it anywhere you go and it is completely free.

Business Boost Box

How to Start

1. Subscribe to Business Boost Box

After you have subscribed follow us on social @LBIRegion

2. Receive 12 Boxes

Monthly, you’ll receive one themed Business Boost Box packed with exclusive offers, products and services as well as helpful tips, motivational quotes and more– delivered right to your inbox. (12 emails, that’s it, no spam)

3. Pay for nothing!

Business Boost Box is completely free and once you receive it, you will SAVE! Recommend Business Boost Box to friends and family!

It really is that easy, and free!

Subscription Perks

Exclusive Offers

The only way to receive these special offers is through the Business Boost Box subscription.

Save Money & Declutter

Business Boost Box eBox 100% digital, you get to support local businesses and decrease your carbon footprint. There is no monthly fee or box in the mail to cut up and send off to recycling.

Try New Things – Tell Them The Chamber Sent You!

We hunt down the best deals offered by our members and deliver them right to you each month. It sounds like a win-win to us!