Book Release in time for Summer Reading

Beach reads are the best reads, and local author Katie Schulze-Bahn is getting ready for her first novel “Sugar Sand Road” to make waves as a new coastal classic. Set in the Pine Barrens and along the Jersey Shore, this story brings a timeless romance with a touch of homespun nostalgia for any reader between the ages of 12-100. With a portion of book sales going to NJ Farmers Against Hunger, as well as national and local media coverage the book is already proven to be a must have.

Raised locally, this mother of four is a coastal country girl at heart. With a variety of interests, work in nature preservation, farming and elementary education; there has been time to volunteer for a wildlife refuge and donate her photography to charity. Katie’s story follows a life that is forever changed by a storm moving from an island to the Pine Barrens and the value of relationships along the way.

The Southern Ocean Chamber member is scheduling book signings and planning in area events at venues, festivals and shops. Businesses are encouraged to reach out to their wholesaler directly or publisher BookBaby with any inquiries of stocking the book locally. With a release date of May 28 consumers may also advance order the book through traditional booksellers such as Target, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and BookBaby. To say hello to the author, shop for the book, or track her events – please learn more here