Play By Play Week One: Getting Prepped

Get involved in the campaign

We are with you play by play this summer, with new chapters being written to keep our campaign relevant and your feedback going. Get on board with our first play of the season.

Understanding that Federal and State Guidelines will play an important role in consumer confidence. We will be launching our REFRESH 2020 campaign that prioritizes our Welcome messaging to all consumers.  As both personally and professionally we move through the various phases of reopening, this initiative will allow us the opportunity to encourage those who live, invest and visit our community to reconnect with us.

Our goal is to capture the conversation that allows us to bring our destination and unique assets to returning and new consumers. This integrated marketing approach that includes  visual and vibrant resource material that will be tied into larger networks that will allow us to compete effectively in the summer travel marketplace and into 2021.


STEP 1: Review Best Practices For Consumers

Prepare and Keep your Patrons Safe

While reopening regulations have not been set, use this time to view best practices that are in line within current  CDC Guidelines and state ordinances, here are the most common social distancing ideas that are fueling reopening in resort areas:

  • Tape marking of 6 feet apart in service, attraction and pick up queues
  • Staff to regularly wipe down surfaces in timed intervals
  • Allowing vulnerable staff to work remotely or in a restricted exposure capacity
  • All employees required to wear facemasks
  • Hand sanitizer at each at entry/exit
  • Temperature checks for staff prior to shift (temp above 100.4 must not enter premises)
  • Wipe down of all railing and door surfaces regularly
  • Contactless Check-in
  • Seamless order and pick up/delivery system
  • Electronic Check-Out
  • Self-Parking
  • No Wait Scheduling for on-premises activity
  • Phase 1:  recommends 50% capacity
  • Phase 2: recommends 75% capacity

STEP 2: Identify Your Business Preliminary Plans 

We interact with consumers on various levels, from social media to direct conversation. Our marketing efforts will rely on knowing the answers about your business.How have you adapted social distancing? Please submit your completed survey below.

STEP 3: Going Digital With The Details 

Prepare for the upcoming launch of our new blog and consumer-centric website, as well as branded Summer Refresh Campaign on all social platforms, digitally promoted at all Tri State Travel Plazas and live linked to various travel site banner ads throughout the summer and fall. This year is all about the details. Consumers will be looking for details, so there are no surprises regarding policies and procedures from shopping, dining, check-in practices, and services. Our ongoing campaign will be focused on providing information to help keep comfort zones in place.