Play By Play Week Two: Making A Clean Restart

PLAY BY PLAY – WEEK TWO: Making a Clean Restart

STEP 1: Sending a healthy message

Tourism trends for this summer are making both employees and patrons feel comfortable and confident. We will be sharing our community safety messages from our local EMS and municipalities as the news of reopening is confirmed along with up to date beach and town ordinances on how we as a destination is responding to putting community health into all we do.

Our paid advertising will be driving visitors to our visitLBIregion website and social media channels will be refreshing what information is available or has changed. This week we are referencing key statewide recommended reopening lists for you to evaluate with your own needs:

STEP 2: Access To Supplies

All the plans and checklist revolve around providing additional sanitizing stations and personal use items. Does your workplace have needed items? 

There is interest in our chamber coordinating a Hand Sanitizer/Cleaning product preferred pricing directory for our members can have access to products. We are looking to gauge interest, please fill out the Week 2 Survey below.

Providing patron and employee access to sanitizer products should be part of every reopening plan.

STEP 3: Reopening the workplace for staff

Best practice when businesses may begin to reopen for offices and workspaces have been considered. Below are some suggestions on how to share new policies and prepare our staff for a new return to work

1. Return to Work Guide list:

Crafting emails, signage and digital workbook:

  • What you are doing to help keep the workplace safe and to support you- health protocols including masks, work schedule, business plan, social distancing measures.
  • What new policies you expect to implement to help keep the workplace safe: remote work options, proper handwashing, social distancing, and fewer in-person meetings.

2. Review and Update Current Sick Leave and PTO Policy with your HR professional or advisor.

3. Health and Safety Guidelines- consider several levels of screening to ensure a safe workplace— self-screening, coworkers’ observations at work, and employer monitoring of symptoms.

Self-monitoring: Discuss with HR
Employer monitoring: Employers have the authority to set up a monitoring station at the entrance.

Workplace Guidelines:

  • Maintain 6 feet apart from other individuals
  • Supply employees with proper gloves and facemasks, especially if social distancing is not an option
  • Routinely disinfect high-touch surfaces
  • If possible, implement one-way walking paths
  • Respect others and maintain an understanding of one another’s’ issues.
  • If the timeclock requires touching by hands, provide sanitizing wipes, and employees must wipe down after touching.
  • Having policies in place for employers and employees to follow is important:
  • Self-Screening at home
  • Monitoring of symptoms (including fever) by an employee